A deepfake bot is being used on Telegram to strip women


A security firm called Sensity said it had recently discovered a deepfake world wide web in the Telegram communication app which generates photos of naked women.

As of July 2020, the firm found that these artificial intelligence worlds had generated deepfake photos of more than 104,000 women.

In the last three months their production has increased by 200%. You might think these worlds were used to generate photos of celebrities but in fact it was used by humans to create photos of naked women they knew in real life.

Most of the people who have used the software, nearly 70%, are in Russia, a country which only recently lifted the ban imposed on Telegram.

In Russia, the world even managed to access the largest social network in the country VK. It was free to use but users can purchase Premium coins to remove the label generated by the process on the images or to speed up the process itself.

A set of 12 coins cost $ 1.3. The software is now spread across open source platforms and torrent websites. DeepNude requires a dedicated graphics card computer to work. The entire ecosystem of the worlds in Telegram relies on external online servers and anyone with a phone can access the software. It is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to bring down such a network and why it has become so popular.