Windows 10 will have a new virtual keyboard with integrated GIF images


Microsoft has planned major keyboard updates with the new version of Windows 10.

The new touch keyboard design is inspired by Windows 10X and brings new animations and sounds as well as the option to search and send animated GIF images.

Microsoft called it WonderBar in Windows 10X. The new design has better organization optimized to type or move the cursor by tapping on the large space bar button.

The latter is a similar way to how Apple operates the virtual keyboard on iOS. Place your finger on the space bar and swipe left, right, up and down to navigate.

Microsoft has also updated the emoji in Windows 10. In addition to the keyboard and emoji, Microsoft introduced the new "Voice Typing". Comes with a more modern design, with automatic punctuation and Microsoft says it has worked in the background to make voice writing more stable and consistent.

All of these are being tested in Windows Insider. They are part of a major update that Microsoft has planned for the first half of 2021 in Windows 10.