Apple pushes privacy measures that threaten advertising on Facebook


Apple has decided to delay the implementation of new privacy measures designed to stop apps and websites from tracking people online without their knowledge.

The changes mean that apps must get permission from the user to access the tracking ID on the iPhone and iPad.

The measures were to take effect in iOS 14 when it debuted in the Fall. But Apple has said the changes have been pushed until early 2021 to give developers and websites more time to adapt their services.

Facebook has warned that Apple's measures could make social media advertising completely useless and dysfunctional.

The social network says it can no longer get ID for tracking ads in iOS 14 and Apple has forced it for that.

Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV Box have a unique ID known as "identifier for advertisers" (IDAF).

Through it one can monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for example if someone has downloaded an application after seeing the ad.

Android has a similar Id called Android Advertising ID (AAID). Apple currently allows users to disable this feature on iOS. But the changes that take effect in 2021 mean that the option will be turned off and to be used must be turned on by the user after being requested by the advertisers.