PUBG Mobile World League breaks viewership records

The first season of PMWL reached over one million viewers

The PUBG Mobile World League was held from July 10 to August 9 and had a $ 850,000 prize pool. It was divided into two regions, East and West, and each had 20 teams.

Although it was an online event, this league broke viewership records, with PMWL East reaching over 1.1 million viewers according to statistics in the last match at Erangel on the final day of the finals. The average viewership of PMWL East was 393,766.

PMWL West did not go so well. Viewership peaked at just 49,374, while the stream averaged just over 17,000 viewers.

This difference came as PUBG Mobile is a very popular game in South and Southeast Asia, where most of the PMWL East teams were from. PMWL West has teams from the Middle East, Europe and North and South America, which are countries that generally have fewer players than the eastern ones.

Anyway, this is the first time a PUBG Mobile tournament reaches over 1 million viewers. The last international event for the royal battle game was the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals. PMWL East maximum visibility increased by about 120%, while average visibility increased by 118%.

The PMCO Fall Split Global Finals was a live event with performances by several celebrities, while the PMWL was held online due to the pandemic. Also, PMWL was divided into two divisions, unlike PMCO. For this reason, this increase is an undisputed success for PUBG Mobile.