Pictures of Samsung's next foldable phone are published

Samsung's next foldable screen phone is fully detailed with a more sophisticated design and a more consolidated folding shaft.

Photos published by Android Police show a Galaxy Fold which no longer has the camera cutout on the inside of the screen which have been replaced by a hole-punch camera.

While the external screen occupies almost the entire space eliminating large gaps. However the biggest improvement is the shaft. It was precisely this component that required intervention at the moment when Samsung withdrew the smartphone from the market because impurities were entering this space damaging the screen.

In Fold 2 the shaft is even more closed and insulated. It is larger and fits better on the sides of the phone.

The phone comes with 5G technology, which means it will most likely have Qualcomm's most powerful processor. Finally, according to the report, it will come in 256GB and 512GB variants. As we approach the debut we will see even more details flowing.