Microsoft launches antivirus for Android


Microsoft has worked hard to create Windows Defender, a competitive antivirus on the market, and the company will now expand its availability.

Although not everyone can use it right away, Windows Defender has already arrived on Android.

You can find it in the Google Play Store and it is published under the name Microsoft Defender. Although the app does not have a price, it is not free.

You must have a Microsoft 365 E5 license to use it and it is designed to protect businesses from online threats.

The application warns users about malicious applications and APK which may be installed or copied to the user's device. Automatically blocks page clicks from SMS, WhatsApp, browsers and emails.

Although at the moment it is only for business users, the possibility that it may be for individual consumers in the future is not ruled out.

Microsoft is investing heavily in Defender bringing it now to Linux and macOS as well.