Instagram launches its own version of TikTok

Facebook is behind TikTok. After several months of testing, Instagram finally launched Reels, the Facebook version of the TikTok viral app.

Reels which have been available in 50 in India and Brazil, were officially launched today in 50 countries around the world. It's not the first time Facebook has attempted to clone TikTok, but Reels is the first chance to reap success.

Firstly because it is integrated into Instagram, which means users do not need a standalone app, and secondly it has copied almost everything that makes TikTok so successful.

Creating a "reel" is like creating a story on Instagram. You can record a series of clips and enrich it with music and AR effects.

But Reels contains more sophisticated editing tools compared to Instagram Stories. For example you can speed up or slow down a video.

But the biggest difference between Reels and Stories is the way they are published. When you upload a "reel" it is automatically distributed in the new Reels section of Explore with the option to share it on your own timeline.

All created "reels" will be accessed in a dedicated section on your profile just like IGTV posts.

One of the biggest differences between TikTok and Instagram is that TikTok users' timelines are not based on followers but on an algorithmically generated "For You" timeline.

It is this personalized timeline full of short videos that make TikTok so catchy and thus the contents go viral.

While an influencer on Instagram spends weeks and months to gain followers and learn how the algorithm of the Explore section of Instagram works.

It is not known how effective it will be on Instagram but it is a new way of distributing content in the Explore section.

If Instagram convinces creators that they can reach new followers with Reels, then TikTok faces serious competition.