Exclusive: Jay Santos invites Luana Vjollca in collaboration

Luana Vjollca will come in musical collaboration with international artist Jay Santos.

The Latin music star has been staying in Tirana for several days and his arrival has a very strong reason.

T7 learns that the Colombian artist is in Tirana for Luana Vjollca, with whom they will come in a collaboration, writes GazetaExpress

According to sources close to the Albanian beauty, the Colombian artist himself was the initiator of this project, asking for cooperation from Luana, who, knowing his success and fame, has accepted it with pleasure.

T7 learns that the song has already been finalized and will bring the sexy blonde to Latin rhythms like we have never seen before.

The lyrics are in Albanian and Spanish, while the video clip will be realized in Tirana.

The surprise in this project will be the presentation of Luana, who has already announced the preparation of a choreography through social networks.

Jay Santos is known to the Albanian public with his many hits that have been heard in our country, such as: "Caliente", "Dale Morena" etc.

Otherwise, this is the second international collaboration for Luana, which only a year ago came with "Yalla Habibi" in collaboration with Faydee.