This man has cured 5,000 people of cancer in 90 days

“After four days I removed the bandages, and I couldn't believe what I saw! The wound was gone, and my skin was pink! I started telling people that I had cured skin cancer with hemp oil, but each of them laughed at me… And eleven and a half years later I'm alive and well without cancer, "Rick explains with a wide smile. his face.

Among the thousands of incredible stories about people that Simpson has healed, the last one is an 80-year-old man who had lung cancer and was on his deathbed.

"A man was all swollen from chemotherapy, with open wounds in his leg and he could barely breathe! After the doctor predicted that he would live no more than 48 hours, he was brought to me by his son. Since I recommended starting treatment with hemp oil, the young man went to his father's doctor, who, of course, refused to treat his patient that way. After that he took the oil from me, and gave it to his father.

"In just half an hour, in front of the eyes of the grieving relatives, he began to breathe normally and then at night his vital functions improved drastically. "After six weeks of treatment with hemp oil, he did not need insulin, and after three months he was completely cured," says Rick, noting that there is no age limit for using hemp oil. Because Rick needed a material for his medicine, he soon began to grow marijuana. Police raided his home four times in three years under the law that those who publicly claim they can cure cancer could face up to five to 40 years in prison!

Simpson was in jail for only four days and was released from prison paying a fine of $ 2,000 even though at one point he was threatened with 12 years in prison!

"The worst thing was that the lawyers were people whose loved ones I treated with hemp oil. Even the judge knew it was all a farce! At one point he even said that instead of judging me, he should reward me! Everyone knew it and no one could do anything about it! They didn’t even allow ten patients I was curing from cancer to testify! "They did not allow me to present a lot of medical documents on the effects of my oil."

Rick had never sold a gram of weeds! Disappointed by the government and corrupt doctors he shared the recipe of his hemp oil with sick people all over the world on his website

Noting that hemp oil recipe is just as easy as making a cup of coffee, Rick adds that there are many fake oils that various thieves are selling under his name.

"The usual dose prescribed for cancer is 60 grams within 90 days. It is never too late to start treating hemp oil. There are no excuses like "it's too late"… If you ask me about smoking, I would tell you that it is certainly not as effective as hemp oil therapy, but it has been scientifically proven that people who smoke marijuana live six years longer than those who don't, "said Simpson, adding that all governments must allow its citizens to cultivate cannabis and use it for medical purposes, or to open pharmacies, where this cure can be purchased. Free.

"Few people know that cannabis was used hundreds of years before Jesus Christ as one of the most healing agents. In ancient Persian religious writings, cannabis is one of the most healing plants, ”concludes Rick, adding that the greatest reward for him would be to see a world without cancer.