The fastest internet is created, 1000 HD movies are downloaded in 1 second

Australian scientists say they have created a device that offers the fastest internet ever recorded - which allows users to download 1,000 HD movies in a second.
This internet gives users a speed of 44.2 tbps (terabytes per second), and if you don't know what terabytes are, it's 1 million times faster than the best internet currently.

According to the Independent, the team from the Australian universities - Monash, Swinburne and RMIT - used an optical microchip which contains hundreds of infrared lasers to transfer data around an existing communication infrastructure in Melbourne, reports Gazeta Express.

The research was led by Dr. Bill Corcoran of Monash University, Professor Arnan Mitchel of RMIT and Professor David Moss of Swinburne. Mitchell explained that the goal of the project was to increase the transmission power from hundreds of gigabytes per second, to dozens of terabytes per second without increasing size, weight or cost.