The American family finds two bags in the middle of the road, hands them over to the police, there were about a million dollars inside them.

A family in Caroline, Maryland, is likely to extend the weekend to make a two-bag highway with nearly a million dollars.

While returning home in a car, Emily Skance saw that one of the vans was dropping a thesis, she then hit her with a car, Telegrafi reports.

Immediately you will stop to see how many more to show up, but there is also one just for another, if you want to visit twice, if you want to do twice don’t know that within the possibilities nearly a million dollars.

He got more to decide more on the approach of the police for more sheriff how to give two bags on the highway, inside of which he did not know it was possible.
But when the sheriff opened them, it turned out that the inside of the tires gave the face a lot of money - about a million dollars.

After an investigation, it was found that the bags of money to fall from an armored car transporting money and that you will certainly find ownership to set up a bank, that you are not yet aware of how you can make out of the car.