Rejected isolation, Sweden with the highest death rate from Covid-19 in Europe

Sweden has recorded an average of 6.25 deaths per day per million people due to coronavirus over the past week. This is shown by the statistics of "Our World In Data", which proves according to the media in Italy, that the Swedish model does not work.

The country marked the largest number of lives lost per capita across the old continent the day before. In the UK, the mortality rate is 5.75 per day for one million people, in Belgium 4.6, in France 3.49 and in Italy, on average 3, writes Corriere della Sera.

Sweden never imposed quarantine and preferred to encourage personal feelings of responsibility among its citizens, asking them to stay home only when they are ill and maintain social distance in public.

The country recorded the deadliest month in April for nearly three decades. The Swedish approach to coronavirus has been criticized inside and outside the borders, especially since the number of victims there, over 3,800, far exceeded the figures in neighboring Nordic countries, which imposed severe isolation measures.