Posted photos of grandchildren on Facebook, grandmother sent to court

A semi-search can hide photos of her grandchildren, to post them on Facebook and Pinterest without the permission of the tire parents, there is another company in the Netherlands.

The grandmother ended up in the rule after her daughter sued her. Data Protection Data Protection Regulation can be firmly established by the EU General Regulation.

The case went to the rule after the grandmother refused to serve with photos of her grandchildren to inform the public on social networks, 

The mother is likely to ask to be searched several times to see deleted photos, but it cannot be done. EU regulation may not apply to "very personal" or "domestic".

But, despite this, the case was not ruled out because the posting of photos on social networks made them ready to a wider audience, according to the court decision.

"It cannot be ruled out that the photos posted on Facebook may fall into the hands of third parties," the decision said. The grandmother has to delete the photos or pay a fine of 50 euros a day if they do not delete them.