Hyrremi’ changes completely, the fans no longer know the actress

Actress Meryem Uzerli has gained a lot of fame in our country with her role in the historical series "The Magnificent Sultan".

This successful production continues to this day and is broadcast in many parts of the world.

Meryem Uzerli, 36, has been experimenting with her appearance for years. The actress has also been accused of plastic surgery on her face, which she herself has admitted. But with the recent change in look, she has surprised fans.

Meryem has published a photo collage from the new photo set where she appears different than ever. The actress appears weaker, with short, brown hair and is not known at all. Also the style of her outfits has stood out a lot and has been commented on.

Meryem appears extravagantly dressed and even in one of the photos she has dared to wear only a white blouse with black and a belt, but without pants or bottom at the bottom.

The actress has received positive comments, but also criticism from fans who follow her with every post she publishes on social networks.