Created the app for Covid-19, the teenager refuses $ 8 million

This is the 17-year-old celebrity around the world, for creating Covid-19 tracking sites and real-time updating of this spread, which started in December 2019.

But business is not his strong point. That's why Avi Schiffmann, a student in Washington State, has refused the $ 8 million offered in exchange for his invention (, which today has 30 million users a day. "I don't want to take advantage," the boy was quoted as saying, adding that he had also been told not to go to Microsoft and to have a river of publicity investment.

"I'm 17 years old, I don't need $ 8 million, I don't want to be a speculator," Avi told the press. "Many tell me I will regret this decision, but I have other plans for the future," he added.

Since its website went online, more than 700 million unique users have visited it. And instead of relying on the revenue from the many ads that have come his way, Schiffman has preferred to open a voluntary subscription to maintain his independence.