Apple-Google technology for tracking coronavirus contacts - 23 states require access

Apple-Google technology for tracking coronavirus contacts - 23 states Request access

Authorities in 23 of the world's best countries may require access to contact tracking technology from Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc., Google, Knowledge Skills companies Wednesday, as you have released the most complete version to tire, Reuters agency.

Apple-Google technology helps governments fighting the new coronavirus to publish tire application in the coming days, for it, the companies on offer, that you will have more opportunities to provide a better offer on how you can use at least five minutes. A user who is later infected with the virus can be used to automate and anonymously inform about recent contacts.

Some governments have applauded this, making it more possible to test and isolate more individually potentially infected individuals than they would normally be able to decide.

But other governments are more interested in regulating the deployment of Apple and Google, which enables other user usage capabilities, phone numbers and other details. Some of their authorities may apply by allowing their use of tires, where Apple and Google need services as well as service battery depletion.