After being accused of causing cancer, J&J will no longer sell baby powder in America

The best company in the United States, Johnson & Johnson, has said it will not sell its iconic baby powder to the United States and Canada in the first place on the basis of conversations, when we finish offering even more, despite believing from this product is safe.

The company said in a statement that it had applied for one before looking for the better word - which had been sold in the US since 1894 - after "misinformation" about the powder.

Better customers than suing Enterprises claiming they want to get me interested in breast cancer.

"Johnson & Johnson continue to trust the safety of baby powder. Scientific studies for decades by medical experts in all citizens, ensure the safety of the product ", it is possible to declare.

This company company more than 19,000 lawsuits for the purchase of customers and purchases that you want to offer the best companies to talk to the face of asbestos, that you can use cancer, writes REL.

However, this company has the opportunity to tell about the baby with starch content will be sold both in the US and in Canada, he can also talk at any other gift.